[Review] – Bottled

by Stephanie Ellis Published by Silver Shamrock Smart, slow-burn, dread building horror that leaves you trapped in its pages. I think this book is smarter than I am. I think this book touches concepts of pacing and narrative unfamiliar to me as a horror reader. My first thoughts on the book were that I wasn’t crazyContinue reading “[Review] – Bottled”

[REVIEW] Growing Things – Paul Tremblay

Growing Things and Other Stories is Paul Tremblay’s most recent book. Comprised of 19 short stories, this collection is nothing short of hypnotic. It will resonate with you long after the last page has turned. This book has, for lack of a better word, a bonus feature—notes. A select few stories have notes on how the stories came to be. A story-behind-the-story. I love that! It makesContinue reading “[REVIEW] Growing Things – Paul Tremblay”

[REVIEW] The Nightmare Room (The Messy Man No.1) – by Chris Serenson

Haunted house stories will forever hold a place in my horror heart of hearts. There is such a primal fear that comes from not knowing what is in the dark, watching your every move. Waiting for the right time to show it’s true form. This has always been the sub genre of horror that getsContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Nightmare Room (The Messy Man No.1) – by Chris Serenson”