[Review] – The Girl Next Door

by Jack Ketchum This book is not for anyone who wishes to avoid reading about graphically descripted torture, sexual abuse, and child abuse. Now that we have that out of the way, Ketchum is a master of his craft. I read this book in ten days. 334 pages in ten days. Some people can readContinue reading “[Review] – The Girl Next Door”

[Review] – Bones

by Andrew Cull Bones is a terrific debut from Andrew Cull. I’ve heard many great things about this collection from the horror community. I’ve waited far too long to read this, but I’m very happy I finally gave it a go.   Each story here has a unique and creepy tale to tell. I personally lovedContinue reading “[Review] – Bones”

[Review] – Whispers In The Dark

by Laurel Hightower The high amount of impressive debut novels is a trend I’ve noticed amongst the indie horror community. Laurel Hightower’s Whispers In The Dark is no exception. It’s a ghost story with elements of romance, and the protagonist Rose McFarland is a kick-ass female SWAT sniper. Can’t say I’ve read anything close toContinue reading “[Review] – Whispers In The Dark”

[Review] – The Forever House

by Tim Waggoner On today’s episode of ‘sentences I never thought I’d write’, prepare yourself for a tale of suburban cosmic horror! On March 26th, Flame Tree Press is putting out Tim Waggoner’s newest novel, The Forever House.  From the outset, Waggoner lets the reader know that there are going to be some strange elementsContinue reading “[Review] – The Forever House”

[Review] – Stay Alive

by Jim Harberson, MacKie Wildwood, Stephen Baskerville I’m new to a lot of things the Horror Community has afforded me an opportunity to familiarize myself with. Two of those things are graphic novels and splatterpunk. The first graphic novel I have ever read, at the tender age of 31 years, was Stay Alive. It’s a story aboutContinue reading “[Review] – Stay Alive”

[Review] – Fairy Lights

by Edward Lorn This is an extremely hard book to get your hands on. Almost so much I kind of want to break the mold and give up on doing a spoiler-free review, because the vast majority of you won’t get the opportunity to read it. I will do my best not to do that.Continue reading “[Review] – Fairy Lights”

[DeadHeadRooviews] – The Roo

by Alan Baxter There are certainly perks to following writers online. The Roo is a prime example of Twitter hysterics gone right. After a humorous news article gathered speed through our timelines – “Australian Town Terrorized by Muscular Kangaroo Attacking People and Eating Gardens” – author and graphic artist, Kealan Patrick Burke, mocked up an old-school horrorContinue reading “[DeadHeadRooviews] – The Roo”

[DeadHeadRooviews] – The Roo

by Alan Baxter Let’s start with the cover. It’s one that personally gets me excited. It’s reminiscent of a time that predates when I was not quite old enough to appreciate the pulp horror scene. I don’t know of any other story that involves a killer kangaroo, and even if there is one out there,Continue reading “[DeadHeadRooviews] – The Roo”

[DeadHeadRooViews] – Welcome to DeadHeadROOViews Week!

FOR THE FIRST SEVEN DAYS OF MARCH 2020,WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE “DEADHEADROOVIEWS” SPECIAL FEATURE WEEK LONG CELEBRATION OF“THE ROO” BY ALAN BAXTER! “This all started with a ridiculous situation on Twitter. There was a news article going around with the headline: ‘Australian Town Terrorised By Muscular Kangaroo Attacking People And Eating Gardens’. You’llContinue reading “[DeadHeadRooViews] – Welcome to DeadHeadROOViews Week!”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Gemma Amor . Part II

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