[Review] – Dear Laura

by Gemma Amor He took her life in a way far worse than dying. Laura’s best friend is abducted when she is fourteen years old, and the abductor starts to send her letters, asking for things. In return he will tell here where Bobby is. I am a fan of stories about sinister pen pals.Continue reading “[Review] – Dear Laura”

[Review] – The Prisoners of Stewartville

by Shannon Felton There have been a lot of great newcomers in the last two years, and Shannon Felton is no exception. Her debut – a gripping novella called The Prisoners of Stewartville – is a fast-paced, terribly gritty story that blends crime, drama and horror with ease. Like The Blinds (Adam Sternbergh), this novelContinue reading “[Review] – The Prisoners of Stewartville”

[Review] – The Festering Ones

by S.H. Cooper Superbly entertaining monster/cult novella. For me, a lot of times, a novella doesn’t have great character development and plot. Due to format, it would seem novellas sometimes lack in one or the other, but this one felt to be a great mix between backstory, characters and the main plot. It felt longer,Continue reading “[Review] – The Festering Ones”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Gemma Amor . Part II

Photo by Sadie Hartmann. You can follow her on Twitter @SadieHartmann.

[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I

The Intro An introduction may hardly be necessary – considering the whirlwind of success Gemma Amor saw in 2019 – but an introduction will come, nevertheless. Last year, I discovered a large number of independent writers worthy of a bestseller’s list, Gemma Amor being one of my ultimate favorites. I read her first story collection,Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I”

[REVIEW] The Crow’s Gift (And Other Tales)- by Sonora Taylor

I have found these short collections to be very useful in finding new favorite authors in the indie community. If it only takes you a couple hours to check out a release, you’re more likely to give a new writer a chance you wouldn’t give if they only had long novels available for introduction. AsContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Crow’s Gift (And Other Tales)- by Sonora Taylor”