[Devil’s Creek Week] – Kentucky Bourbon Barbecue Pulled Jackfruit Recipe

Nothing says Kentucky like a bottle of good ol’ smokey bourbon! Check out our Devil’s Creek themed recipe below! If you make it, be sure to tag us in your tweets or instagram uploads with @ReviewsHead! Sweet and Smoky Bourbon Barbecue Sauce You will want to make this barbecue sauce at least one or twoContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Kentucky Bourbon Barbecue Pulled Jackfruit Recipe”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Print at Home Activity Pages

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Print at Home Colouring Pages

[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Aiden

Welcome to our next Meet the Dead Heads feature, today with Aiden Merchant. Aiden was one of the earliest contributors to the website, and is always willing to participate in any of the special features we host here on DHR. How did you come to join Dead Head Reviews? I helped the founder, Garrett, createContinue reading “[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Aiden”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Elle’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook releases June 16th 2020 Jacob Masters preaches to his congregation at Devil’s Creek, but he doesn’t preach from the Bible. Instead, his are the words of a nameless god, who demands pain and sacrifice. When the church burns to the ground following a mass suicide, there are few survivors. Those who walk away includeContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Elle’s Review”

[Review] – Bottled

by Stephanie Ellis Published by Silver Shamrock Smart, slow-burn, dread building horror that leaves you trapped in its pages. I think this book is smarter than I am. I think this book touches concepts of pacing and narrative unfamiliar to me as a horror reader. My first thoughts on the book were that I wasn’t crazyContinue reading “[Review] – Bottled”

[Review] – The Wise Friend

by Ramsey Campbell The Wise Friend was released April 23rd, 2020 by Flame Tree Press. The Wise Friend served as my introduction to Ramsey Campbell. As such I have no other works to hold up in comparison, simply the legendary author’s name standing behind this title. Combine that with the Flame Tree label on theContinue reading “[Review] – The Wise Friend”

[Review] – Boy in the Box

by Marc E. Fitch This Boy in the Box was released April 23rd, 2020. Some secrets just won’t stay buried… During a hunting trip, four friends bury a secret, containing the body of a young boy. Ten years later and they all remain haunted by the accident, one that has gradually worsened their lives andContinue reading “[Review] – Boy in the Box”

[Review] – True Crime

by Samantha Kolesnik True Crime represents not only American society perfectly, but I imagine it’s how the majority of the world works too. Specifically, I am referring to the fascination with serial killers and mass murderers. In this story, Suzy and her brother Lim – a bulldozer of a man – go on a killingContinue reading “[Review] – True Crime”

[Review] – To Be Devoured

by Sara Tantlinger Sara Tantlinger is an author I’ve seen mentioned around the horror community fairly often. Her Bram Stoker winning poetry collection The Devils Dreamland is one I’ve had on my ever growing TBR list for a while. I haven’t had a chance to grab a copy yet. However, I read an excellent reviewContinue reading “[Review] – To Be Devoured”