[Review] – A Killing Fire

A Killing Fire Faye Snowden Published by Flame Tree Press A child of a serial killer battles internally and externally to prove that she is NOT her father’s child. Suspense filled narrative with juicy tidbits. What are these tidbits? These are little lines that grab me, little bits of knowledge or a pretty turn ofContinue reading “[Review] – A Killing Fire”

[Pride In Horror Month] Following the Dead Tracks: A Short Story

Trigger Warning: May contain sensitive content. 1 What was it Kyle said? On Tuesday nights, he goes for midnight walks. That must be why he’s not answering his phone. Maybe he doesn’t take it with him. I suppose I never asked. There’s still so much I don’t know about my new boyfriend. It’s only beenContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] Following the Dead Tracks: A Short Story”

[Pride In Horror Month] – LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter Community Art Project Printables

In light of recent events in Late May 2020 and Early June 2020, the DHR team would like to invite our community and friends to join us in a collective art project. The goal of this project is to connect the community through passionate, positive messaging in support of both the Black Lives Matter andContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter Community Art Project Printables”

[Pride In Horror Month] – A Special Message from the Dead Head Reviews Admin Team

Considering recent events and the fact that Pride Month is just around the corner, we would like to take a moment and use our platform to address some things. Deadheadreviews.com runs on the values of equality, diversity, and inclusivity; “Pride in Horror Month” is a celebration of LGBTQ+ members of the Horror and Dark FictionContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – A Special Message from the Dead Head Reviews Admin Team”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook Release: June 16, 2020 Give us that old-time religion. Oddly enough, I have never read cult horror before; at least, nothing of which comes to mind. It’s always been a genre that terrified me. I remember trying to watch a movie about it once, but I turned it off in itsContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Well Read Beard’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook Release Date: June 16th 2020 Backwoods Cult Horror With Deep, Ancient Cosmic Themes. The locale pulled me in. It bumped this book to the top of the TBR. The book takes place in Daniel Boone National Forest region of Southeastern Kentucky. Very close to the scenic Cumberland Falls and Eagle fallsContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Well Read Beard’s Review”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Brennan’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook Release date: June 16th, 2020 Give me that old time religion and it’s good enough for me. When you turn the last page of Devil’s Creek, by Todd Keisling, you read that despite the completion date being in 2019, the starting date was in 2007. This story made quite a journeyContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Brennan’s Review”

[Review] – It Calls From The Forest

Edited by Alanna Robertson-Webb & Michelle River It Calls From The Forest was released April 15th, 2020, from Eerie River Publishing. Prior to receiving this book, I was unfamiliar with Eerie River Publishing. However, from this point forward, I will be paying attention. This publishing house specializes in anthologies of indie writers, which is prettyContinue reading “[Review] – It Calls From The Forest”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Gemma Amor . Part II

Photo by Sadie Hartmann. You can follow her on Twitter @SadieHartmann.

[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I

The Intro An introduction may hardly be necessary – considering the whirlwind of success Gemma Amor saw in 2019 – but an introduction will come, nevertheless. Last year, I discovered a large number of independent writers worthy of a bestseller’s list, Gemma Amor being one of my ultimate favorites. I read her first story collection,Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I”