[Pride In Horror Month] – Vampire Films with LGBTQ+ Rep: A Listicle

As a follow-up to our recent publication, “Queer Vampires in Modern Cinema” by Tabatha Wood, we’ve compiled a short list of movies from the 60s through today with various forms of Queer Rep in Vampire films. Blood and Roses (1960) Very loosely inspired by the French vampire novella “Carmilla” (of which there is an excellentContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Vampire Films with LGBTQ+ Rep: A Listicle”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Horror Can Heal

One of these days, assuming my senses of focus and organization ever come back from the COVID-19 war, I’d like to create a huge Queer Horror Database. I know there are some great ones for romance–which is what a lot of people, myself included for a long time, immediately and only thought of when thinkingContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Horror Can Heal”