[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Brennan

MEET THE DEAD HEADS FEATURE With the return of Meet the Dead Heads, today we have Brennan, one of the contributors for Dead Head Reviews and the co-host for the podcast, Dead Head Space.  How did you come to join Dead Head Reviews? I’ve been a big reader, mainly in horror, for a long time.Continue reading “[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Brennan”

[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Jason

Our next Dead Head for this feature is Jason, our resident splatterpunk/extreme horror expert. Checking out any of his reviews, it’s clear Jason knows what he’s talking about. So enjoy this peek behind the curtain. How did you come to join Dead Head Reviews? Patrick asked me.  Because he’s way too nice. What’s your roleContinue reading “[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Jason”

[Feature] Meet the Dead Heads: Patrick

And today on our Meet the Dead Heads feature is our fearless leader, Patrick McDonough. Somehow, Patrick has managed to head up the current team of Dead Heads, create a new podcast, and work on his own fiction. He also has an adorable little boy who brightens up everyone’s day when his picture appears onContinue reading “[Feature] Meet the Dead Heads: Patrick”

[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Ellen

Welcome to the second installment of our new feature, Meet the Dead Heads. For those who aren’t aware, Ellen puts a lot of work into Dead Head Reviews, working as admin as well as putting together the site as you see it now. She also heads up the social media aspect of Dead Head Reviews.Continue reading “[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Ellen”

[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Elle

Welcome to a new feature on the website – Meet the Dead Heads. We have a fantastic team at Dead Head Reviews, and we thought it was about time to shine the spotlight on them. This will be a weekly feature, until we have covered everyone on the team, starting today with Head Copy EditorContinue reading “[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Elle”