[Review] – The Prisoners of Stewartville

by Shannon Felton There have been a lot of great newcomers in the last two years, and Shannon Felton is no exception. Her debut – a gripping novella called The Prisoners of Stewartville – is a fast-paced, terribly gritty story that blends crime, drama and horror with ease. Like The Blinds (Adam Sternbergh), this novelContinue reading “[Review] – The Prisoners of Stewartville”

[Review] – The Forever House

by Tim Waggoner On today’s episode of ‘sentences I never thought I’d write’, prepare yourself for a tale of suburban cosmic horror! On March 26th, Flame Tree Press is putting out Tim Waggoner’s newest novel, The Forever House.  From the outset, Waggoner lets the reader know that there are going to be some strange elementsContinue reading “[Review] – The Forever House”

[Review] – Snowball

by Gregory Bastianelli I am a huge fan of Christmas and winter horror. Jack Frost, Krampus, Silent Night, Deadly Night and many others often find themselves playing on my TV throughout the cold months. Can you possibly think of anything better than tales about killer Santas and snowmen with a vengeance? No. The answer isContinue reading “[Review] – Snowball”