[Printable Activities] – Download and Print At Home Fun Activity Pages

PRINT YOUR OWN ACTIVITY PAGES Right click on the images below to downloadand print your own spooky activity pages at home! Feel free to post your finished colouring pages to Twitter and/or Instagram and tag us with @ReviewsHead so we can see them! A word search andcolouring page for kids: A word search andcolouring pageContinue reading “[Printable Activities] – Download and Print At Home Fun Activity Pages”

[Review] – Screamscapes: Tales of Terror

By Evans Light This is a great collection of stories. Some authors just speak to you. There are a lot of great authors out there, but sometimes you (the reader) and the writer just click. I am starting to feel that with Evans Light’s writing. I can’t really explain it, but the pages of hisContinue reading “[Review] – Screamscapes: Tales of Terror”

[REVIEW] The Stranger – by Steve Stred

Is it me or is there something about the woods that just creeps you the hell out? The paranoia, The isolation, The bluntness and finality of knowing you’re either getting out or not?  Steve Stred’s The Stranger takes all of your childhood fears of the forest and manifest them into a story that is dark,Continue reading “[REVIEW] The Stranger – by Steve Stred”

[REVIEW] Kinfolk – by Matt Kurtz

I just want to say there could possibly be a trigger scene in the first chapter for new readers to this story. Rape is a touchy subject and one of the darkest scenes in this book. Matt lets you know how dark this story could get straight out of the gate. So be prepared forContinue reading “[REVIEW] Kinfolk – by Matt Kurtz”

[REVIEW] The Nightmare Room (The Messy Man No.1) – by Chris Serenson

Haunted house stories will forever hold a place in my horror heart of hearts. There is such a primal fear that comes from not knowing what is in the dark, watching your every move. Waiting for the right time to show it’s true form. This has always been the sub genre of horror that getsContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Nightmare Room (The Messy Man No.1) – by Chris Serenson”