[Listicle] – Learn More About H.H. Holmes

DocumentaryH.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer: A Film by John BorowskiUnrated, Runtime: 1hr 4minWhere to Watch: Amazon Prime DocumentaryMurder Hotel: The Story of America’s First Serial Killer / Slaughtered at the Murder HotelUnrated, Runtime: 51minsWhere to Watch: Amazon Prime DocumentaryHH Holmes: Original EvilTV-MA, Runtime: 1hr 10minsWhere to Watch: Amazon Prime Nonfiction BookThe Devil in theContinue reading “[Listicle] – Learn More About H.H. Holmes”

[Review] – “The Devil’s City” Novella

The Devil’s CityBy Sara Tantlinger and Matt Corley Sara Tantlinger and Matt Corley bring us into a mid-19th century Chicago. Our main character is America’s first serial killer – H.H. Holmes. Although, we see the city through the eyes of five point-of-view characters that ultimately become Holme’s victims. Each POV character comes from a differentContinue reading “[Review] – “The Devil’s City” Novella”

[Review] – True Crime

by Samantha Kolesnik True Crime represents not only American society perfectly, but I imagine it’s how the majority of the world works too. Specifically, I am referring to the fascination with serial killers and mass murderers. In this story, Suzy and her brother Lim – a bulldozer of a man – go on a killingContinue reading “[Review] – True Crime”

[Review] – Stay Alive

by Jim Harberson, MacKie Wildwood, Stephen Baskerville I’m new to a lot of things the Horror Community has afforded me an opportunity to familiarize myself with. Two of those things are graphic novels and splatterpunk. The first graphic novel I have ever read, at the tender age of 31 years, was Stay Alive. It’s a story aboutContinue reading “[Review] – Stay Alive”