[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love

By Adam Light, Evans Light, Jason Parent, Edward Lorn, Gregor Xane Published by Corpus Press Unfiltered Extreme Visceral Love. All the pain and desire wrapped in a five story collection. This is another engaging collection from Corpus Press. Five different authors take on the loose theme of love. Different voices and different styles combine toContinue reading “[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love”

[Review] – Shallow Waters: Volumes 1 – 4

Edited by John Mynhardt First, a little background: Shallow Waters is a monthly flash fiction challenge from Crystal Lake Publishing, in which a new challenge is posted online each month. The best submissions are then posted to the publisher’s Patreon page and voted on by readers. Those winners (and the most popular finalists) go onContinue reading “[Review] – Shallow Waters: Volumes 1 – 4”

[Review] – Mr. Deadman Made Me Do It – Chris Baker

Who doesn’t love a good anthology? And, friends and fiends, this is a good anthology. This delightfully gory collection centres around the figure of Mr Deadman, each short story featuring the strange character in one way or another. They all feel different, with characters from different walks of life, all with their own version ofContinue reading “[Review] – Mr. Deadman Made Me Do It – Chris Baker”