[Review] – The Magpie Coffin

The Magpie CoffinBy Wile E. Young Death’s Head Press has a new Splatter Western series, and it’s kicking off strong with The Magpie Coffin! Salem Covington collects lives and stories in gruesome and brutal ways in an effort to save his soul. Tied to his Gun (which whispers to him and protects him against allContinue reading “[Review] – The Magpie Coffin”

[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Jason

Our next Dead Head for this feature is Jason, our resident splatterpunk/extreme horror expert. Checking out any of his reviews, it’s clear Jason knows what he’s talking about. So enjoy this peek behind the curtain. How did you come to join Dead Head Reviews? Patrick asked me.  Because he’s way too nice. What’s your roleContinue reading “[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Jason”

[Review] – Until the Sun

by Where do I even start with this one? It was my first conscious reading of a splatterpunk novel. It’s captivating with its character development. It’s a story about a teenage boy who joins a group of vampires. You can make a case that this is a coming-of-age tale too, which I was pleasantly surprisedContinue reading “[Review] – Until the Sun”

[Review] – The Fucking Zombie Apocalypse

By Bryan Smith By my count, this is Smith’s 41st published work and I guess he wanted to celebrate this by putting the word “fucking” in one of his book titles. As he should.  The more that I think about it, the more I believe he should’ve put this word in all of his titles: Fucking KillContinue reading “[Review] – The Fucking Zombie Apocalypse”