[Review] – Your House Will Pay

Your House Will PaySteph Cha Published by Ecco My favorite part of this book was the the final scene, not necessarily what happens with the story, but the imagery of what is transpiring all around our main characters. There is a bit of peace in an otherwise wild scene of destruction and disarray. As aContinue reading “[Review] – Your House Will Pay”

[Review] – Black Wings

A harrowing read about losing control of your child. Amplified by the fact that the child is a genius and can basically talk and think circles around her mother, father, step-father and anyone else that should be looking out for her. The book rings of March’s Bad Seed, or really any other story where aContinue reading “[Review] – Black Wings”

[Review] – Till the Score is Paid

Release Date: Available Now Amor has a knack for writing relationship horror. It’s a signature style. I have only read this and Dear Laura, but her work is recognizable. For me, it’s like listening to a favorite musician play; even if they change genre or theme you can recognize their playing. Back to relationship horror:Continue reading “[Review] – Till the Score is Paid”

[Review] – Piece of Me (Sermons of Sorrow Book 1)

I know Steve, well, I online know him. We occasionally correspond on twitter. I set out this month to read four of his books (this being the first ). Up to this point I had only read three of his books – Dim The Sun and The Night Crawls In (two collections of shorter fictionContinue reading “[Review] – Piece of Me (Sermons of Sorrow Book 1)”

[Review] – A Killing Fire

A Killing Fire Faye Snowden Published by Flame Tree Press A child of a serial killer battles internally and externally to prove that she is NOT her father’s child. Suspense filled narrative with juicy tidbits. What are these tidbits? These are little lines that grab me, little bits of knowledge or a pretty turn ofContinue reading “[Review] – A Killing Fire”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Well Read Beard’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook Release Date: June 16th 2020 Backwoods Cult Horror With Deep, Ancient Cosmic Themes. The locale pulled me in. It bumped this book to the top of the TBR. The book takes place in Daniel Boone National Forest region of Southeastern Kentucky. Very close to the scenic Cumberland Falls and Eagle fallsContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Well Read Beard’s Review”

[Review] – Where Dragonflies Dance

by A.A. Medina By A.A. Medina This is my second Medina read, having read the first Claybrook book Siphon last year. These books do NOT have to be read in order. You do not have to have read Siphon to read this book. In the end there is a scene that shows that these twoContinue reading “[Review] – Where Dragonflies Dance”

[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love

By Adam Light, Evans Light, Jason Parent, Edward Lorn, Gregor Xane Published by Corpus Press Unfiltered Extreme Visceral Love. All the pain and desire wrapped in a five story collection. This is another engaging collection from Corpus Press. Five different authors take on the loose theme of love. Different voices and different styles combine toContinue reading “[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love”

[Review] – Screamscapes: Tales of Terror

By Evans Light This is a great collection of stories. Some authors just speak to you. There are a lot of great authors out there, but sometimes you (the reader) and the writer just click. I am starting to feel that with Evans Light’s writing. I can’t really explain it, but the pages of hisContinue reading “[Review] – Screamscapes: Tales of Terror”