[Review] – The Fourth Whore

The Fourth WhoreE.V. KnightPublished by Raw Dog Screaming Press A sprawling tale. Mythological, historical, biblical – all of it. 220 pages felt like 500 in the best way. The story was broad and epic. I love horror fiction that pulls interesting bits of history into the story. This one pulled from many different outside influencesContinue reading “[Review] – The Fourth Whore”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Tempest on the Mountain: A Short Story

The wind screamed with her as she chased the empty trash can across the bare ground. She had envisioned bright green grass, newly grown and soft under her bare feet, her music energetic and loud while she freshened up the cabin. Cleaning up racoon scat and broken glass hadn’t crossed her mind. They’d been hereContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Tempest on the Mountain: A Short Story”

[Announcement] – A Special Statement from the Dead Head Reviews Admin Team

In light of the recent avalanche of allegations in the literary world, affecting both mainstream and indie communities alike, the Dead Head Reviews family would like to make our stance clear.  It is not easy to come forward to accuse your abuser, to face your attacker, and to put yourself in the crosshairs of apologistsContinue reading “[Announcement] – A Special Statement from the Dead Head Reviews Admin Team”

[Author Spotlight] – Jessica Guess

Patrick and Brennan had the pleasure of hosting Jessica Guess, Author of “Cirque Berserk”, on this week’s episode of Dead Headspace Podcast! We also invited her to share with us her Top 5 Recommended reads and Top 5 Recommended movies to watch right now. Check out her answers below, and read through to the endContinue reading “[Author Spotlight] – Jessica Guess”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Vampire Films with LGBTQ+ Rep: A Listicle

As a follow-up to our recent publication, “Queer Vampires in Modern Cinema” by Tabatha Wood, we’ve compiled a short list of movies from the 60s through today with various forms of Queer Rep in Vampire films. Blood and Roses (1960) Very loosely inspired by the French vampire novella “Carmilla” (of which there is an excellentContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Vampire Films with LGBTQ+ Rep: A Listicle”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Shadow Self: A Short Story

Mina parks the beat-up truck a block away and together, we follow the winding sidewalk to the front steps of the old Rochester house, sweater hoods pulled low over our heads. One of the porch columns is sagging, taking the roof with it. It’s a testament to laziness that the house still stands in aContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Shadow Self: A Short Story”

[ Pride In Horror Month ] – “Jook Joint” and “The Outfit”: A Review

It’s no secret that the world of Comics is dominated by white men, from creators to characters. Although many of these creators and their heroes are considered historic icons, it’s high time we push for a change. This overtly cis, hetero, white presence has got to move over and make space for new and diverseContinue reading “[ Pride In Horror Month ] – “Jook Joint” and “The Outfit”: A Review”

[Pride In Horror Month] Nina and the Raging Hormone Buffet: A Short Story

“Bye, sweetheart.” Mum kissed me on both cheeks, gripping my shoulders. “Have a good first day. And be careful, Nina. We want to stay here a while, don’t we?” Her words were soft, but the implication was there; don’t mess up, like I had once or twice before. I glanced over her shoulder. Peter, AKAContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] Nina and the Raging Hormone Buffet: A Short Story”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Horror Can Heal

One of these days, assuming my senses of focus and organization ever come back from the COVID-19 war, I’d like to create a huge Queer Horror Database. I know there are some great ones for romance–which is what a lot of people, myself included for a long time, immediately and only thought of when thinkingContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Horror Can Heal”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Representation Matters

Okay, here’s something important, something I think many people are aware of but just in case you’re not aware of it: representation is important. Our lives are not just made up of one kind of person, but representation doesn’t mean jack shit if it includes shitting on another marginalised class.  Also important to note isContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Representation Matters”